Four-Legged Officer

Four-Legged Officer Cover
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Enhanced Book ISBN: 978-1-938516-00-9
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Languages: English

Four-Legged Officer

by Yveta Germano
Total votes: 139
Enhanced E-Book: 

Special enhanced format for iPad is available here.


Four-Legged Officer is the first interactive chapter book from the Straight From a K-9’s Muzzle series. The book is for readers of all ages, especially for those who like dogs and want to learn about K-9 police officers. Shadow, a German shepherd K-9, tells his story of how his breed of dogs came to exist, what it takes to become a specially-trained officer, where he came from and how he ended up in the United States, and what his job is like. Boys and girls will enjoy not only animating Shadow to move, bark, talk, and catch suspects, but also watching many eye-catching 3D animations. The book is easy to navigate, it offers word definitions, as well as highlight and note taking options. The book aims to entice kids to read, play with animations and have fun learning many facts about dogs and their special abilities. This enhanced e-book is also available as an app that has additional interactive options.

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