Enhanced E-Books

The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine.
-Sir James Jeans

Imagination is the key to a happy, fulfilled life. It must be fostered, encouraged, and challenged from an early age. A child’s imagination is like a canvas. Each stroke of a brush leaves an imprint that becomes a part of the whole painting. It is up to us, the adults, to ensure a child has enough colors to paint with.

In our children’s enhanced e-books, we offer an array of colors that will captivate a child’s imagination by allowing them to become a part of the story when reading on their own, listening to the written word, learning, solving puzzles and mysteries, and participating in the book’s illustrations and animations.

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The Light

This not so ordinary Once Upon a Time story has all the ingredients of a children’s mystery tale, but it is a story not only for kids, but also their parents. This engaging, enhanced e-book offers narration options, text highlighting and note taking, and word definitions. The book allows readers interact with illustrations and movies that will draw them even deeper into the story.

Come and explore what’s hidden in the eerie shack, who wanders the haunted woods, who visits the cemetery at night, see the witch transform her many wicked faces, follow the night riders on their horses, or watch the beautiful girl appear out of nowhere. Your fingers will be able to bring life to many characters as you discover an interactive book you have not seen before.

The Light is available as an enhanced e-book on iBooks and as an interactive app book on Amazon for its Kindle Fire e-reader.

In addition, The Light is now available on iBooks in three bilingual versions (English/Spanish, English/German and English/French). These bilingual e-books offer narration options in all languages. They are fully interactive and ideal for kids 8-13 years old who want to learn Spanish, German, French or English as a second language.

La Luz, Das Licht and La Lumière are single language versions with narration options in Spanish, German and French.

The Light / La Luz La Luz Das Licht The Light / Das Licht La Lumiere The Light / La Lumière

A Gift That Keeps Giving

Moving to a new place is hard for Nikki. She misses her friends and her old home. Nikki’s world seems grey, sad, and lonely, until the day her mom brings her a gift. When Nikki opens it, she finds out the gift is far from ordinary because it keeps giving. It is up to her to let this special gift help her see the new world around her with all the many shades of colors it has to offer.

This illustrated interactive book has a voice narration option, navigation, word definitions, and note taking options. It features 6 movies that will entertain the readers with the touch of their fingers. You can also read it in German or in its bilingual versions (English/Spanish or English/French). These enhanced e-books are ideal for children 5-9 years old.

See whether you can figure out what it is this special gift has to offer!

Ein Gescheng,Das Immer Weiterschenkt A Gift / Ein Geschenk A Gift / Un Regalo

Four-Legged Officer

FOUR-LEGGED OFFICER is the first interactive chapter book from the Straight From a K-9’s Muzzle series. The book is for readers of all ages, especially for those who like dogs and want to learn about K-9 police officers. Shadow, a German shepherd K-9, tells his story of how his breed of dogs came to exist, what it takes to become a specially-trained officer, where he came from and how he ended up in the United States, and what his job is like. Boys and girls will enjoy not only animating Shadow to move, bark, talk, and catch suspects, but also watching many eye-catching 3D animations. The book is easy to navigate, it offers word definitions, as well as highlight and note taking options. The book aims to entice kids to read, play with animations and have fun learning many facts about dogs and their special abilities. This enhanced e-book is also available as an app that has additional interactive options.

Magic In My Hands

Lily’s world is very different from yours. Not only does she get to live in places you may have not even heard of, she gets to know many wild animals up close and personal. And that’s not all. Lily has magic in her hands that allows her to see and understand these animals the way you would never imagine. Read or listen to Lily’s story and, with your own little piece of magic, you will see wild African animals come to life to show and tell you many interesting things you may not know about them. This interactive book has a voice narration option, navigation, word definitions, and note taking options. It features movies and photo galleries that will entertain the readers with the touch of their fingers. 

Hardy Heart and Wally Waddle

Hardy Heart likes to ride his bike, swim laps around the pool, and kick and throw a ball. Wally Waddle likes to sit on the bench or lay in the lounge chair slurping shaved ice. Even though they have nothing in common, Hardy and Wally become best friends and decide to spend their summer break together at Hardy’s favorite place — Wellberry Farm. The farm is tucked away past deep woods and a steep hill. Wally is slow and tired, and he gets lost along the way. He stumbles across a cottage that seems like a dream-come-true when Wally walks in, until he meets the boys who live there. Wally’s only hope is that Hardy and his friends find him before it’s too late...

Children 6 years old and older will enjoy reading about two unlikely friends and many colorful characters. The book allows readers to highlight, define, and search words, take notes and copy text.