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Whether you prefer iPhone, iPad, iTouch, or any Android platform devices, we can design and develop digital applications that suit your personal or business needs. Please contact us for individual applications pricing.

And if you are not interested in creating your own digital applications, you may be interested in purchasing one of ours. Please take a moment to browse through our applications library. If you like any of them, click on the appropriate link for download.

Applications Library


Our interactive e-book application, FOUR-LEGGED OFFICER, is now available on iTunes for iPad. FOUR-LEGGED OFFICER is an interactive chapter book app for kids of all ages. Shadow, a police K-9, tells his story of how the German shepherd breed came to exist, what it takes to become a K-9, and what he has to do to catch suspects. Enjoy reading (or let Shadow read to you) a story full of fun facts and situations and let your fingers bring to life many 2D and 3D animations.


Check out FOUR-LEGGED OFFICER for free! This interactive book app features the entire first chapter. That is thirteen pages of text with eight 2D and 3D apps for you to enjoy.

The Light

THE LIGHT is an interactive book application available on Amazon for the Kindle Fire Tablet.

This not so ordinary “Once Upon a Time” story has all the ingredients of a children’s mystery tale, and yet it is a story that children, as well as their parents, will connect with. This engaging interactive book application offers navigation and narration options in a well-designed menu, while readers interact with the illustrations that will draw them even deeper into the story. Come and explore what’s hidden in the eerie shack, who wanders the haunted woods, who visits the cemetery at night, see the witch transform her many wicked faces, follow the night riders on their horses, or watch the beautiful girl appear out of nowhere. Your fingers will be able to bring life to many characters and animations as you discover an interactive book application you have not seen before.